Fashion Thrift Pop Up

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The Saludable Latina Health and Wellness Space will begin doing a Fashion Thrift 
Pop Up shop on the weekends. Follow on Instagram saludable_latina for updates and announcements. Also, if you have clean and sustainable fashion clothes you like to donate, please contact Lilia to arrange a drop off or pick up. 

Many of you have been asking why the fashion clothes donation?! So here is the story; the fashion thrift idea came to me when I experienced a bedroom water leak because of the rain season. Unfortunately, my bedroom walls, carpet, and flooring were all damaged. As I was forced to remove everything out, I realized there have been garments I haven't used in a while, so I started making a pile to donate, until I had an epiphany.  

I decided I was going to have a Fashion Thrift Pop Up shop at the wellness space and all sales made will help contribute to keeping the Saludable Latina health and wellness space open, coordinate programs and workshops as well as contribute to the women wellness campaign I am currently drafting. 

The women wellness campaign will help under-served and under-insured  women pay for a portion of their medical GYN appointments, female hormone lab panel, STD check, ultrasound pelvic and counseling appointments. My dream is big and I need my community to stand behind me to support the mission! 

If you would like to donate this week, I will be at the Saludable Latina Health and Wellness Space
Monday 2/11, Tuesday 2/12, Wed 2/13 and Friday 2/15. She will be hosting the first Fashion Thrift Pop Up Saturday 2/16 and Sunday 2/17 (check instagram for announcement), if you are in town and like to donate, come by!!! 

If you can't donate, share with familia and friends!!! All support is greatly appreciated it.
I will be taking donation throughout the months, so if you have fashionable items you haven't used in more than 3 months. It's time to let go and donate for a good cause. 

If you like to make a donation of any amount, you can look up Lilia on Venmo Lilia-G. 

For more information send an email: 

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