Becoming a Jogger/Runner with Luis Octavio

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Happy Thursday Chicas y Chicos!!

The weekend is quickly approaching and can you believe we are moving into the month of  February already?! Like where did time go... 2019 is coming fast, so I am happy to share this week's episode with becoming a jogger/runner with Luis Octavio.

Luis is a creative entrepreneur who is from the city of Santa Ana and has been on a journey to developing his business with Molcajete Dominguero. He is also the amazing podcast host behind  #NosVemosEnElSwapMeet. And what can I say, this conversation is one of a kind because he is my first male and Latino guest. We definitely didn't hold back in our personalities during this interview because we pretty much kept it real, lively and fun.

So, at this point, your probably wondering why him because there is amazing experienced runners all over the place. To be honest, I needed to interview Luis Octavio because he is a regular person like everyone else and he is relatable. Luis has been through many life experiences and challenges. So, when he started his journey, I wanted people to know and hear that living a healthy lifestyle is not easy, but when you make progress towards improving your wellbeing. You will see the benefits in all aspects such as mood, mental, emotional, physical, motivation and more.

So before you click play, I wanted to give you a couple quick tips on how to become a runner:

From one runner to another:

1. Establish a training plan. What days of the week can you commit to running. Perhaps the foundation can start with walking and then moving into jogging twice a week or more. Depending on what 'srealistic to you. You may also want to start scheduling  practicing deep breathing exercises before you actually physically start running. Schedule a couple sessions to become aware of your breathing patterns and practice deep breathes.

2. Expect the Expected. If you haven't worked out in years, your body is going to build lactic acid that will lead to body aches and soreness and the reality is your going to want to give up before you even continue, but DON'T!! It's part of the process. Couple pointers is stay hydrated, eat lots of veggies and fruits, and adapt slowly a nutritious meal.

3. Set small Goals. Don't be the over achiever and push your body to the limit. You may do more harm then good. Instead set goals that are realistic to achieve. For example if your just starting to think about running. Then let's start by warming up the body first, perhaps power walks will be more ideal and then when you achieve your walk, you can transitioning into jogging.

4. Walk it Out!! If you feel a cramps, shortness of breath, tingling don't throw yourself to the floor. Instead walk it out slow, stretch and practice your deep breaths. Your body needs to feel alleviation versus bundling up, so keep moving slowly to let the body relieve itself from the pain you may be experiencing.

5. Go slow and Don't Compare yourself to others!! Remember this is your journey, your experience and your growth to your wellbeing in becoming a runner. Eventually you will graduate from being a novice runner to being an experienced runner and sign up for a 5k, half marathon or full marathon. Just remember training is part of the process.

p.s. Invest in a good pair of running shoes, your feet need to be healthy and strong!

So, I hope you enjoyed this recorded episode and as always if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Luis Octavio and I for beginners runners advice at and

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