2018 Vision Board Workshop

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Dream. Believe. Achieve.

I had a dream about hosting an intimate #visionboard workshop in San Diego and a group of women (Victoria, Jennifer and Maydelli) came forth to collaborate. I am thankful to have encountered sisters that believe in uplifting one another as well as support each others vision to make things possible.

Thanks to the Hera Hub , a work space for women and creations by milka , we transformed a conference room into a chic inspired space for women to connect, support and envision their 2019 goals. It was truly incredible to see the magic happen, be inspired and elevate our energies.


The workshop was inspired by the last New Moon because it inspires a new beginning. It's also a birth of our spirits, strengths, ideas, power and courage to achieve new desires. Aligning your vision with the new moon aids the reflection of purified energy to start all over again.

It's also a fabulous way to call into your life what you want, for manifesting your dreams and goals. It's an invitation to call out to the Universe and say what you want. It's a fresh start! 

Before starting the vision board workshop, we allocated time for social networking because it allows an opportunity for women to have supportive conversations and establish new relationships. Social networking also helps women become familiar with community resources, businesses and services available in their city. Most of all, it allows a space to connect and be inspired. 


Thanks to Jennifer and Victoria our attendees were able to enjoy snacks and wine. 

After the social network, Maydelli Mendoza, a master reiki healer, provided a space to get crystal clear on your goals and focus on using not only your mind, but your heart and soul (and how you feel) as well. Her guidance with the moon deck added a little extra boost to manifest the change you seek to achieve and pay attention to your goal to see how it will expand.

Using a vision board in the workshop was a wonderful way to put our dreams and goals into a physical, tangible form that you can see and touch. You can add items to your board such as words, phrases, pictures, stickers, glitter or ribbons, anything that speaks to you and your goal. You can use paint and color and whatever else your heart desires to bring your goals to life and put them in a place where you will see them often. 

Thank you to all  women that came through to the Hera Hub office on Friday, December 7th. It was a pleasure for Jennifer, Victoria, Maydelli and I to connect with all of you and we look forward to planning 2019 Vision Board Workshop.

I personally feel grateful to have shared a space with amazing women and look forward to building a community of #saludablelatinas who will  support one another in our mission to empower mujeres for their overall wellbeing spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.


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