Episode #30 The Creator of Snoozet- Pam Covarrubias

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Happy Wednesday, mi fellow Chicas!!

Well it looks like were in the middle of the month now and I mean like.... literally.. we are two months away from the Holidays, so it's perfect timing to really get to know if you are truly present with yourself, relationships, work, projects or your spiritual growth.

This past year has been quite a journey for myself and one that I am still learning a lot from. And I am thankful to have had the opportunity to get reunited with Pam Covarrubias while attending  the Alegria Festival in Psalm Springs. It was like a simple immediate connection to being present in the dessert and opening up our hearts to one another. Gracias Pam for listening to me and for introducing  Snoozet to me.

So without further due....Let's find out the meaning of the Snoozet Life..

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