Do Not Underestimate the Power of A Good Hike

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Many studies suggest that a good 90 minute walk in a natural environment can lead to measurable changes in the brain, and may help combat thoughts and emotions related to stress, anxiety, and depression. I personally have found that my first couple of hikes were very soothing physically and mentally because I was able to get grounded and release certain emotions with mother nature.

Also, if you don't know, hiking outdoors has many perks: nice views, fresh air and the sounds and smell of nature. However,we often forget that because we are so busy keeping up the demands of a social life...

So if you are thinking about taking a break and getting connected with nature, remember that Hiking helps:

  • Lower your risk to heart disease
  • Improve you blood pressure 
  • Boost bone density 
  • Build strength in you glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings
  • Strengthen your core
  • Boost your mood 
Aside from the great health benefits, here are some quick tips for your first hike:

  • Start small and choose the right trail for you fitness level
  • familiarize yourself with the trail
  • Check the weather
  • Tell someone where you will be
  • Wear cool clothing, hat, sunscreen and shades
  • Take water and a protein snack 
  • Wear reliable hiking shoes 
  • Pace yourself 
Once you are all set and ready. Its time go to explore and get in tune with nature. 

Thanks to my COBO bottle, I was able keep my water cold and stay hydrated. According to the Founders, "the Cobo bottle was created to help remind us to preserve the element that make life so extraordinary." I can't begin to tell you how grateful I felt that I invested in a bottle that was  making a difference in our environment as well as help heal the worlds challenges. 

Live. Give. Heal.

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