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Every individual has an opportunity to become healthy in their own timing, but it all starts with a  quality health education service that introduces the many components that constitute a healthy person. This can include physical, mental, emotional, cultural, vocational and spiritual well-being. In a supportive holistic health education program individuals will learn how to balance those six elements. If one of these elements is missing or off balance, health will be affected. 

I believe that understanding the needs, interests and lifestyles of individuals is critical to their success in there overall health and  wellbeing. I want individuals  to learn about their struggles, vulnerabilities  and  have the desire to learn the life skills to make their healing process a smooth transition to raising their own health awareness.

And so the Saludable Latina Health and  Wellness space was created to provide an emotional treatment approach based on the knowledge that sustained recovery can only occur when a person's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health are addressed. The body, mind and spirit are connected, and disease or illness affect one of these areas must affect other parts of the body. Lilia's Philosphy is to help guide individuals to distress from pain related to chronic illness, miscarriages, grievance and trauma. Traditional medical offices or facilities often only treat  the presentable and physical symptom, but never address the root cause of the pain,support total healing and restore balance to a person's whole being. In the Saludable Latina Health and Wellness space, traditional methods are combined with comprehensive and complementary treatment methods to fully address a person's physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social issues. 

Traditional treatment includes:
  • Appointment with a medical provider
  • medication management
  • Behavioral counseling
  • Individual, Family or Group Therapy

The Latina Wellness Program Includes

Healing the Body 

The body is self-regulating-it has the intelligence to maintain and repair itself until it gets out of balance due to stress, toxicity or injury. The toxicity of an illness, anxiety, Miscarriage and trauma live in every cell of your body. You cells store the pain, cravings, sickness and suffering. To heal from you pain, you must get you issues out on a cellular level and focus on emotional healing with a balanced nutrition to heal your body. 

Healing of the Mind 

The mind is a unique and it's the chemical factory full of neurotransmitter that affect how and what we think and feel, including pain! The mind in a generator of thoughts, feelings and emotions. It identifies your stories and becoming aware of your dysfunctional patterns. By healing the mind, you will be able to safely explore and address issues with pain and family origin issues. 

Healing of the Soul 

We live in cultural primarily dominated by our egos, which is based on the external reference point of comparing and contrasting to others. Your "ego" bases your sense of self and well-being, and you don't have control of it. The ego can often obsess on what missing in your life, abandonment, old fears, judgment, guilt or shame because it's based on external factors. It's always looking for the next thing to satisfy it, whether it's a relationship or material obsession. The Saludable Latina Health and Wellness space will focus on focusing on your heart, love and authentic expression to connect to your higher power, "your faith". Your soul is where you will find your heart's desire and life purpose. It's the access where you will find meaning in life and eternal piece. 

Healing of the Spirit 

To understand the importance of healing the spirit, you must understand your energy organizes all matter including your body and every aspect of your life. When we speak of the "spirit" we are referring to your body's energy, referred to as "prana". The body stores information and contains a template of how we live, how we age and how we heal...

When there is no imprint of illness the body recovery in tremendous speed, but when there is disease imprints it can depress your immune system and it can take an extremely long time to regain health during illness and pain. 

The luminous energy field is connected to the body by the chakra system. Vital life force energy and a clogged energy body inhibits the intake of life force energy much like a dirty window in your house that diminishes the sunlight entering the room. Toxic energy can result in disease of the mind, body and soul. 

The Saludable Latina Health and Wellness Space will offer 
  • Women Healing Art Circles 
  • Health Education 
  • Holistic Mindful Practices 
  • Workshops and Events
  • Referral to other medical services if necessary
  • Miscarriage Support groups
  • Anxiety Support Groups 
  • Women to Women Networking
  • Podcast 

The Saludable Latina Health and Wellness Space will also start doing a Fashion Thrift 
Pop Up shop on the weekends. Follow on Instagram for updates and announcements. 
If you have clean and sustainable fashion clothes you like to donate, please contact Lilia to arrange a drop off or pick up. The Fashion Thrift idea came to Lilia as she experience a roof   leak in her bedroom that unfortunately impacted her bedroom walls, carpet and floor. As she was forced to remove everything out, she realized there have been garments she hadn't used in a while, so she started making a pile to donate, until she had an epiphany.  

She decided she was going to have a Fashion Thrift Shop Pop Up at the wellness space and all sales made will help contribute to keeping the wellness space open, coordinate programs and workshops as well as contribute to the women wellness campaign she is currently drafting. 

The women wellness campaign will help under-served and under-insured  women pay a portion of their medical GYN appointments, female hormone lab panel, STD check, ultrasound pelvic and counseling appointments. Her dream is big and she needs her community to stand behind her and support her mission! 

For further information on service and pricing email: lasaludablelatina@gmail.com or call 858-413-7106

I look forward to providing a healing space for your wellbeing. 

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