Work Out Day 2 with Tone it Up

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I recently decide to join the Tone it Up familia because I want to have a variety of options to accommodate a work out routine in my schedule. Right now, I'm getting back into the rhythm of things and having a variety of exercises will help me get back into the physical fitness world.

I have an idea of how I like to see my weeks progress, so I am including gym workouts, yoga sessions and some tone it up video sessions. I figure this will be a good balance for me where I can alternate my workouts everyday where I won't feel burnt out. The goal is to keep moving forward without getting discourage.

Okay chicas, even though I got a late start today, it was not excuse to miss a workout and that goes for you too. Slip into your workout gear and set up a  30 minute session in your living room. Check out my workout video for inspiration.

Alright for this workout I did a 30 minute workout that included the exercises below and remember to rotate from left to right.

1 set of 20 reps:
Side lunge with triceps
Side plank with arm press
Leg lifts rotating each leg and then both legs
Raise both legs do an abdominal crunch holding weights and rotating from left to right
Floor chest press with dumbbell weights
Side plank hip dips with  dumbbell weights

Remember your dumbbell weights can vary from 2 lbs, 3lbs or 5lbs.

Below is a quick glimpse of moves, so get to it!

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