Getting Back on Track with Fitness

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The struggle is real when your trying to get back into a workout routine. I've taken some time off this past couple of months and it's been quit intimidating getting back into the gym life, but I am determined to stay proactive.

I've created my first work out video to inspire you to join me on this journey, but just remember it's all about baby steps! Keep in mind, your level of progression is different compared to mine or others and it's also based upon your total time off. There are many reasons why you might of taken a break perhaps it involved work, family and health (the list goes on). I advise you to return to a workout program with good intentions and feeling determined to place physical activity back into your life.

Keep in mind if you start off by placing too large of a demand on your body, you bet your ass your going to feel sore the next day, but you also run the risk of injury and possible regression backward ( in other words you may give up...before you even give yourself a chance to see progress). Okay, chicas, with that said your schedule and time commitment will determine how many days you want to work out during the week. So, read up on a couple good articles for fitness tips and goals. It  never hurts to read up on couple good articles to make your physical comeback a great one!

As for myself, I've notice my time away from fitness involved a lot of sitting and some walking, since I do a lot of administrative office work and that caused weakness in my posterior chain, so my focus for the first month will be to incorporate exercises that improve posture, develop core strength, and activate muscles throughout my gluteus and hamstring regions. So, my first workout included exercises like squats, lunges and hamstring curls in order to help activate these areas. I also included a little bit of arm workout with shoulder press, bicep and triceps. Okay, with that said.....

Let's do this ladies and get ready to re-start your fitness journey!

XOXO Lilia

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