Episode 4: About my weekend plans and Global Citizen

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Hola Chicas,

Espero que se encuentren bien!!! I know most of us are ready for the weekend, right?! You are almost there, so don't get sloppy on me. After working away every day in my new position for the last 6 months, I am finally taking a little down time for self care, but also because my husband is on vacation and I want to take the opportunity to spend time with him before we go back to our busy schedules.

We have a couple of road trips planned  this weekend and I just hope the rain goes away just in time. Si no, pues lla veremos and will have to figure it out because there is no stopping me from traveling...for real!!!

So while you are relaxing, make sure you tune in for Episode 4. Don't forget to subscribe on Soundcloud or iTunes.

Also, make sure you take the time to view, read and take action with Global Citizen and read about Provide Access to Sanitation for All.

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