6 Minute Six Pack Workout You Can Do Anywhere

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If you are short on time from all the holiday shopping, no worries! Puerto Rican personal trainer Idalis Velazquez curated a 6-minute ab workout to get you the six pack of your dreams. 

All you need to begin the workout is a mat, a rockin’ playlist and a Degree antiperspirant, which offers long-lasting wetness and odor protection with its body-responsive technology.

Instructions: Do the following ab exercises for 30 seconds, resting for 15 seconds in between. After the first round and a quick sip of water, give yourself a 30-second break and repeat the full circuit one more time.

1.       Plank Hold with Leg Lifts
2.       Plank Presses with Mountain Climbers
3.       Hollow Body Crunches
4.       Russian Twist with Toe Tabs
5.       Side Plank Rotate and Crunch
6.       Plank Jacks

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