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The idea of bittersweet is changing the way I live, unraveling and reweaving the way I understand life (Shauna Niequest). This is true when it comes down to my life and path because I have taken so many turns, loops and twist that lead me to great opportunities and sometimes to dead ends. I've experienced easy to hard obstacles, but one thing I've learned is to never give up on my dreams and goals because even the most bittersweet moments have a shadow of hope in every heartbreak, and rejoicing is no less rich when failure become success. 
I practice my bittersweet moments believing that God has something better planned for me, that maybe it was meant for me to go down the wrong path, but then realizing taking a sharp turn will lead me to a better outcome. Bitter is what makes you strong, what forces one to grow balls and pushes to the edge to say "F#@ Yes!" It's my turn. Bittersweet gives you the right amount of courage to feel gutsy and powerful. 
Powerful in terms of knowing your skills, your commitment, your struggle, your commitment, your fears, your love to keep striving. 

So, remember to take a few minutes to thank the Man upstairs "God" for the bitter part of your life because he will never give you more than you can handle and in all goodness he has your back because his waiting for you to blossom. 

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