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It's that time of the month again...PMS. (premenstrual syndrome).
I am going to keep it real ladies, my menstruation lately has gotten worse as time goes on.
My bloating, cramps and mood swings have really gone of the chart this past few months.
From excited to irritable to feeling cool to feeling real hot all of sudden. 
I though to myself (WTF...) is this (F#@ing) normal?

Symptoms can often reoccur in a similar pattern, but the physical and emotional 
changes one experiences can very for each women. The main thing ladies
is to make adjustments to our treatments and lifestyle habits in order to help manage
our symptoms. 

Some of the main symptoms that I've encounter are listed below:
*Increase Abdominal Bloating
*Acne Flares ups
*Increase in Fatigue
*Appetitte changes and Food Cravings
(I mean just the other day I bought Obleas de Cajeta Con Leche y Bimbo Tostados Pan..Osea
I had a sweet tooth like no other...)

Usually by the time my menstruation starts these symptoms go away, but like I said, lately
they been sticking around until my cycle is over. Which is not a bad thing because by the time my cycle ends
my symptoms have resided, but for otra chicas this can be an issue if symptoms tansition into PMDD. 

Here are my favorite got to items to help relief my symptoms:

and of course exercising 
(although it's been hard for me lately, I will save that for another blog post)

According to the mayo clinic, a small number of women with premenstrual syndrome have disabling symptoms every month known as premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). PMDD sign and symptoms include depression, mood swings, anger, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, difficulty concentrating, irratibility and tension. 

One thing to watch out for is if your pre-menstruation symptoms of PMS transitioning  into PMDD
and you feel like it's affecting your lifestyle. If so, it's time to pick up your cell phone and make a call to the doctor and get referred to a gynecologist (a specialist who focuses on condition affecting the female reproductive tract). On that note, Ladies...Ladies... it's so important to remember when your cycle start and ends because this gives your doctor an idea of the type of recommendations they might make for further evaluation. Other things to consider to prepare for your appointment are the following:

1.) be aware of any appointment restrictions 
(Warning: don't go into your gyn appointment expecting a gynecologist to see you for your ears, nose and throat issues or other non-related gyn issues. Saved those issues for your primary physician and make an appointment. I can't express enough how irritated gyn providers get when patients make a list of problems not relating to gynecology health.) 
2.) Write down the symptoms you are experiencing
example: heavy bleeding and bloating x 5 days, increase mood swings etc.
3.)  Make a list of any medication your taking 
(please write down a list of your medications, so your provider is aware of any possibility of drug interactions in case they happen to prescribe a medication)
4.) Consider questions to ask your doctor or gynecologist
this is the time to ask away and talk about your case
 and have that true 1-1 talk with your doctor.

Questions? Ask away chicas.
 I am here for moral support 
and remember to always follow up with your doctors.


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