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Lilia Gomez Ashe, is the founder of  Saludable Latina health and wellness space, blog and podcast. She holds an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, Bachelor's in Science in Community Health  and first year in Master's in Social Work: Community Development and Administration. 

health care journey began when she worked in the Emergency Room  observing and taking care of critical ill  patients that were being treated with chronic health conditions. It was through the hospital work experience where she acknowledge prevention and education needed to be addressed, so patients can have a better plan of care to improve their lifestyle. Lilia also experienced health complications first hand, being diagnosed in the past with a left eye pterygium, right ovarian cyst, benign lump in the left breast and most recently a miscarriage. She uses her own personal stories to educate and outreach to a variety of people about Women's Health and Wellness. 

Aside from achieving her educational goals,  Lilia has always been an big advocate in the Latina community for women's health care services. She believes the key to understanding and reducing chronic conditions and diseases among the Latinx population is prevention and education. Lilia has worked on several projects to educate communities through American Red Cross, AmeriCorps, Susan G. Komen, Women's Case Management, Nuestras Voces in partnership with CDC, UTRGV Student Health Services and  Health and Human Services Agency San Diego. She is proud to add the American Cancer Society to the list projects and hopes to outreach as many women as possible for breast health education and connect them to screening mammogram services. 

 Her passion in health has provided a door to increase education among the Latina women and women of color in Orange County, South Texas and San Diego. As an amazing health advocate, she continues to connect women  to services. Lilia is currently working on opening the Saludable Latina health and wellness space  which will include breast health, reproductive wellness and holistic services.  Join Lilia in the movement to raise awareness and make a difference.

Saludos desde San Diego!

~Saludable Latina


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