A Healthy You

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It's important to find your chakra in life (in other words, your balance and center energy).
Life as we know it is always on the go and moving on to the next project, but what about 
your body. While your mind is on the go to hustle everyday, is your 
body on the same page as you?

Stop for a minute and think about it; when was the last time you went for a long hike?
Did a yoga class? or Run? 
It might have been a while, perhaps your too busy as you look at your calendar, but we really don't have to plan a work out day. You just have to commit, Yes "Commit!". 
 Next time your getting ready for work pack a gym bag 
or if your being lazy on weekend throw on a pair of sneakers and go for a walk around your community.

In the end your body will distress 
everything that happen during the day 
you will feel good.......

So, stop contemplating and let's get to it. Let's get healthy and feel good about it!

I encourage you to go on a morning hike in La Jolla.

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