Dry Mouth: How to tell if it's a chronic condition and what to do about it

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Do you ever feel like your mouth is dry more than usual?
Some of us think we need to drink more water or if we run
our tongue across our lips will find relief.

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Having a dry a mouth can be pretty common, especially if your are dehydrated, nervous, or under a lot of stress. According to some estimates, up to 46% of Americans have dry mouth (webMD).

Having a dry mouth can cause dry chapped lips, burning sensation in the mouth and most
importantly oral infections and by all means let's avoid oral infections. According to Dr. Vidya Sankar, Salvia in the mouth is important for preventing cavities and other problems.

Every time we eat, our mouth automatically produces saliva to help break down sugars and food components. Without the right amount of Saliva in our mouth, food debris would be left behind on our teeth that can lead to acidity build up increasing your rate of tooth decay.

Did you know?
A dry mouth is also the cause of bad breath people!
So, while you think it maybe from not brushing your teeth, it's actually
the dryness in the mouth  that increases your risk of developing oral bacterial infections.

Here is a list of biggest causes of a dry mouth:
*Medications (such as: antidepressants, BP meds, diuretics)
*Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy
*Caffeine intake

Are you wondering how to find relief?

Make an appointment with your dentist to do a health assessment
and ask the following questions:

1. Could my medication be to blame?
2. Can I change my habits to reduce my symptoms?
3. How can I find relief?
4. Do I have cavities?

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