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The Magic to Grow

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Before arriving to WeAllGrow, I reflected on several experiences, the good and the bad. And where I stood?! In the past two years of my life, I've done so much inward healing in regaining my confidence, power and self-love. That I wasn't going to let one bad experience burn the path for me, so I cut the cord to remove any negative vibras that came with it and packed my bags to go to the fifth We All Grow Latina  summit.

I was excited to return to WeAllGrow summit because this time around I wore my heart and sacral chakra's on my sleeve.  I was open to learning more about what it meant for me to return and why? Starting with the Ceremonia night that was co-created by disruptaging, musica by las cafeteras, and the amazing art work by the brooklyn bruja. The whole setting was created with buena vibras and before entering the space, we were welcomed with a ceremonial limpia for good energy and love. It was time for all of us to continue to flourish in areas that continue to spark a change for a better community.

As I floated around the outdoor space, I came across one of the brooklyn bruja art murals and there was a one specific mural that touched my spirit to the core, la " Diosa". Encountering this mural in person reminded me that the magic ke esta creciendo adrento de nosotras es divina, poderosa, y bello. As I stood in front of the mural with a warm smile, I knew immediately this was my womb alter; the one that honors my pain, rebirth and connection to my higher power. This is my Magic!

The Moon ( Cycles of Healing)  , Universe (Womb) , Hummingbirds (2 Spiritual Angels), Water (Healing Element), Crystal (Energy Work), Prayer Hands (God), Candles (Passion), Flowers (Life), Bases (Strength) and Stars (Magic).

 The colors utilized in the Diosa mural represent the following to my divine:
Lavender: beauty and feminity
Blue: open space, freedom and intuition
Teal:  open communication and clarity of thought 
Gray: intellect, knowledge and wisdom
White: safety, purity and new beginnings
Rose: warmth and positive attitude 
Yellow: energy, remembrance and honor

Remind yourself when you are in a gathering in an area full of energ,
Remember to "Be present!" nothing more and nothing less. 

Being present means stand with the community 
Uplift, Move and Empower 

I have to thank the  two wonderful mujeres for providing me two distinguish messages Dari Luna and All Things Ada. The first message was from Dari, as I stood still listening to the Cafeteras music, I remembered my arm being uplifted and saw Dari. I gave her permission to draw on my arm not knowing what it was really for until she was done. Part of the message was about my journey, there will be women who will give and others that will take, but in the journey "Trust" the path you are building because you will get to your destiny. My eyes teared and gave her a big bear hug, there was so much I wanted to express, but in that moment, I just cherished the connection.

The second message was with Ada, we have been WAG sisters from the getco, I've seen her grown, go through hardships and manifest. My New York Vecina and soon to be my Chicago Vecina uplifted my spirits by giving me advice to write a letter and really EXPRESS.....to let go of the most recent negative shift that can cause uncertainty, burn it and say "goodbye". Gracias por el consejo!

The rest of the night, I let loose, dance and listen to the music vibrations as my body dance it's heart out with all the beautiful women who surrounded the dance floor.  Together we sang, dance and laughed. And that's all that matter for the night, nothing more and nothing less. 

I want to dedicated this body art by Dari Luna to all the women who dove deep to 
Protecting your MAGIC and your VULNERABILITY is REAL! 
No one has the right to step over you for their own personal gains. 
So if you must CUT the CORD, CUT ! To set it FREE
 and see the MAGIC is within you to GROW!! 

Self Care Tips for Spring Season

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Spring is the season to help declutter our lives by getting organized, make list, plan and schedule for spring projects. This is the season where women can focus on journaling, mind mapping and meditation for fertility wellness and purpose. 

The beautiful thing about Spring it's celebrated around the world because the new sunlight provides our communities much more than food, plants, animals and warmth. It provides an opportunity to experience change. The type of change that can involve your physical, emotional and mental needs.

Now is the time to shift our energy and provide ourselves a nurturing environment. Therefore, it's essential to spend more time outdoors to celebrate our health transition. Being outside and receiving the light of the Sun through from our skin helps incredibly for hormonal health, rhythm, fertility, bone health, immune function, and moods. 

A good dose of Sunshine can help boost your fertility whether your trying to get pregnant or have better hormonal balance for your menstruation. Sunglight affects the level of the hormone melatonin and a key vitamin that has a role in regulating women's reproductive cycle.

Spend more time outdoors by going for a walk, hike, or gardening because they all provide additional time in the sun that you need to boost your fertility. Clearly,please make sure to take preventive measures by using sunscreen to protect yourself from sunburn.

Why the Sun helps..

Vitamin D is crucial for the reproductive health, hormone levels and ovulation. Although vitamin D can be found in food, the main source will be sunlight. And when women have adequate levels of vitamin D, women can produce large amount of progesterone and estrogen. These both work to regulate your menstrual cycle and can also improve ovulation.

Get outdoors in the next couple of weeks and soak up as much Vitamin D as possible because it's necessary for healthy bone and embryo development once pregnant. Add some outdoor activities such as signing up for a outdoor workout class.

If you are unable to go outdoors because of your strict nine to five job, you can find vitamin D in a number of food such as milk, cereal, eggs, and fish. But, the amount we take in with food will not be sufficient. The majority of vitamin D you body needs is produced chemincally when sunlight is absorbed through the skin.

Below is a lunch sample of how to include fish as part of your meal:

The Sacred Circle at Mt. Helix

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Honoring directions of a sacred circle can often lead to spiritual practice, but, unfortunately, many people have not attempted a sacred circle. When we are able to form a sacred circle, we realize our own intuitive compass will lead to a connection that will have us yearning for a deeper connection of unity. 

The Sacred Circle can emphasize your inner compass that can open your heart and honor a medicine wheel of healing. I work with four directions in my personal spiritual practice, in doing healing and counseling, and guiding group hikes and rituals. The four direction are an integral part of my worldview and provide a framework for understanding action. 

It is important for individuals to map their own traditions, preferences, experiences. The map I use is present to evolve overtime and continues to evolve because I adapt it to my needs. When you create your map it should provide a lens through which you view your own dimensions of self healing and health. It can be useful in assessing area of wellness and strength as well as areas which need healing and attention. 

Fashion Thrift Pop Up

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The Saludable Latina Health and Wellness Space will begin doing a Fashion Thrift 
Pop Up shop on the weekends. Follow on Instagram saludable_latina for updates and announcements. Also, if you have clean and sustainable fashion clothes you like to donate, please contact Lilia to arrange a drop off or pick up. 

Many of you have been asking why the fashion clothes donation?! So here is the story; the fashion thrift idea came to me when I experienced a bedroom water leak because of the rain season. Unfortunately, my bedroom walls, carpet, and flooring were all damaged. As I was forced to remove everything out, I realized there have been garments I haven't used in a while, so I started making a pile to donate, until I had an epiphany.  

I decided I was going to have a Fashion Thrift Pop Up shop at the wellness space and all sales made will help contribute to keeping the Saludable Latina health and wellness space open, coordinate programs and workshops as well as contribute to the women wellness campaign I am currently drafting. 

The women wellness campaign will help under-served and under-insured  women pay for a portion of their medical GYN appointments, female hormone lab panel, STD check, ultrasound pelvic and counseling appointments. My dream is big and I need my community to stand behind me to support the mission! 

If you would like to donate this week, I will be at the Saludable Latina Health and Wellness Space
Monday 2/11, Tuesday 2/12, Wed 2/13 and Friday 2/15. She will be hosting the first Fashion Thrift Pop Up Saturday 2/16 and Sunday 2/17 (check instagram for announcement), if you are in town and like to donate, come by!!! 

If you can't donate, share with familia and friends!!! All support is greatly appreciated it.
I will be taking donation throughout the months, so if you have fashionable items you haven't used in more than 3 months. It's time to let go and donate for a good cause. 

If you like to make a donation of any amount, you can look up Lilia on Venmo Lilia-G. 

For more information send an email: lasaludablelatina@gmail.com 

Becoming a Jogger/Runner with Luis Octavio

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Happy Thursday Chicas y Chicos!!

The weekend is quickly approaching and can you believe we are moving into the month of  February already?! Like where did time go... 2019 is coming fast, so I am happy to share this week's episode with becoming a jogger/runner with Luis Octavio.

Luis is a creative entrepreneur who is from the city of Santa Ana and has been on a journey to developing his business with Molcajete Dominguero. He is also the amazing podcast host behind  #NosVemosEnElSwapMeet. And what can I say, this conversation is one of a kind because he is my first male and Latino guest. We definitely didn't hold back in our personalities during this interview because we pretty much kept it real, lively and fun.

So, at this point, your probably wondering why him because there is amazing experienced runners all over the place. To be honest, I needed to interview Luis Octavio because he is a regular person like everyone else and he is relatable. Luis has been through many life experiences and challenges. So, when he started his journey, I wanted people to know and hear that living a healthy lifestyle is not easy, but when you make progress towards improving your wellbeing. You will see the benefits in all aspects such as mood, mental, emotional, physical, motivation and more.

So before you click play, I wanted to give you a couple quick tips on how to become a runner:

From one runner to another:

1. Establish a training plan. What days of the week can you commit to running. Perhaps the foundation can start with walking and then moving into jogging twice a week or more. Depending on what 'srealistic to you. You may also want to start scheduling  practicing deep breathing exercises before you actually physically start running. Schedule a couple sessions to become aware of your breathing patterns and practice deep breathes.

2. Expect the Expected. If you haven't worked out in years, your body is going to build lactic acid that will lead to body aches and soreness and the reality is your going to want to give up before you even continue, but DON'T!! It's part of the process. Couple pointers is stay hydrated, eat lots of veggies and fruits, and adapt slowly a nutritious meal.

3. Set small Goals. Don't be the over achiever and push your body to the limit. You may do more harm then good. Instead set goals that are realistic to achieve. For example if your just starting to think about running. Then let's start by warming up the body first, perhaps power walks will be more ideal and then when you achieve your walk, you can transitioning into jogging.

4. Walk it Out!! If you feel a cramps, shortness of breath, tingling don't throw yourself to the floor. Instead walk it out slow, stretch and practice your deep breaths. Your body needs to feel alleviation versus bundling up, so keep moving slowly to let the body relieve itself from the pain you may be experiencing.

5. Go slow and Don't Compare yourself to others!! Remember this is your journey, your experience and your growth to your wellbeing in becoming a runner. Eventually you will graduate from being a novice runner to being an experienced runner and sign up for a 5k, half marathon or full marathon. Just remember training is part of the process.

p.s. Invest in a good pair of running shoes, your feet need to be healthy and strong!

So, I hope you enjoyed this recorded episode and as always if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Luis Octavio and I for beginners runners advice at  nosvemosenelswapmeet@gmail.com and lasaludablelatina@gmail.com.

Episode 32 with Paula Betancur

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Paula Betancur is the founder of Sacred Interiors Academy and owner of Sacred Interiors by Paula, an interior design firm that specializes in designing mindful and intentional spiritual living spaces.

She is a natural home birth mama, attachment parenting and breastfeeding advocate, a student and member of The Institute for the study of Birth, Breath and Death, a Kundalini Yoga teacher and a Y.O.G.A for Youth ambassador. She studied Residential Space Planning and Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburg (online division) and Ft. Lauderdale, and graduated from Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with Deva Kaur Khalsa.

She is helping women align their interiors, (the essence of who they really are) with their exteriors, making their home a Sacred Space, so that they are able to confidently and authentically lead their personal and family lives, bringing more Beauty, Light and Peace to their world. 

Social Medial Handle:
Instagram: Sacred Interiors

Menstruation Talk

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Most females do not have menstrual period until puberty and the average age is around 12, but for some females they can experience a menstrual period a little sooner than 12 years of age. Once the female experiences menstruation, it then continues regularly until menopause (age 45-60).

The menstrual period is the periodic shedding of the lining of a woman's uterus. It is one of the phases of the menstrual cycle where the uterine lining breaks down into a bloody substance. The body then passes the bloody tissue down through the cervix and exits through the vagina opening. The process can last about three to five days, but it is different for every women.

Keep in mind that a regular menstrual period can vary for each women. For example for some women, a menstrual cycle can  last 2 days and  for others, 5, 7, or even 8 days. It can also last a different number of days from one month to the next. This is normal.

Day 1-7: Is referred to as a period. Women and girls experience their periods when an egg has not been fertilized by a sperm. During this phase, the body is shedding blood and tissue from the walls of the uterus. According to Northrup, period regularity is determined by a complex interaction between the brain (hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and temporal lobes), the ovaries, and the uterus.

Period patterns can change with changes in seasons, lighting conditions, diet, or travel, or during times of family stress. Molimina is a group of "symptoms" resulting from normal cyclic hormonal changes in the body. These include a slight premenstrual redistribution of body fluid, often experienced as "bloating" or slightly tender breast, slight abdominal cramping, mood changes associated with being in a more reflective, less active state [Northrup, 149.]

Menstruation fluids can vary for each women due to different cycles. The flow of their body fluid may be heavy or light and it can vary in color from pink to red to brown. Menstruation is a beautiful natural process and it's a healthy sign of being a women/girl.

The Office on Women's Health  created a brief and simple questionnaire below to help women keep track of their menstrual cycle by marking a calendar the day you start your period. As you begin to adapt writing down your results, you will see after a few months, you can begin to see if your periods are regular or if your cycles are different each month.

Keep the following questions in mind.
  • PMS symptoms: Did you have cramping, headaches, moodiness, forgetfulness, bloating, or breast tenderness?
  • When your bleeding begins: Was it earlier or later than expected?
  • How heavy was your blood on the heavies day: Was the bleeding heavier or lighter than usual? How many pads or tampons did you use?
  • Period symptoms: Did you have pain or bleeding on any days that caused you to miss school or work?
  • How many days your period lasted: Was your period shorter or longer than the month before 
According to Jardim, during the week of your first day, you energy is the lowest in your cycle and you may feel tired and withdrawn. You may want to rest more than usual, or even take the day off. I know that a whole day off might not be possible, but introducing some quietness and deliberate rest time can be tremendously helpful. If you're pressed for time, your rest time could even look like a short walk or three minutes of deep breathing.

The more women/girls know about their menstruation symptoms and cycle, the more they learn about their inner body guidance. Menstruation cycles can be the beginning to heal hormonally and emotionally. After my second miscarriage, I remember feeling relieved because I didn't know if I would ever bleed again. I had sensed fear and doubt with my own body, but when my cycle started again, I felt more inward and more connected to my pain and the pain that existed in the world.

When your menstruation cycle starts, I would like to you to honor the flow like when you see ocean tides rush to the shore. Envision your bleed circulating through your pelvic area, inhale and exhale, gently sweep your hair behind your ear and welcome the flow. Remember, the menstruation cycle is set up to teach us about life. When we menstruate and feel fragile, we need to rest and take care of ourselves for a day or two (Northrup, 108). As a women/ girl we need to comfort our bodies with gratitude, grace and embrace that we hold a sacred place right in our very own bodies. 

Keep in Mind
Your  menstruation cycle is your inner Wild Feminine power. 
Become familiar with your body, symptoms and flow.
Love and Gather Your Spiritual Energy 

Actions steps for your firs day of menstruation: Clear your day from attending any big social events and treat yourself to a massage, meditation and a warm bath with Epsom salt, so your body can feel nourished externally and internally. Keep a journal around, so you may write down your feelings and reflect about what the day meant for you. Allow yourself to be expressive, so you can heighten your awareness and intentions for self love. If you like to exercise, remember to be gentle because your pelvis area will appreciated it. You can probably do an easy cardio workout or try certain types of yoga movements that will bring comfort vs pain.  


  • Northrup, C. The Menstrual Cycle (p. 149 and 108)
  • Office on Women's Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, womenshealth.gov (or girlshealth.gov)
  • Nicole Jardim. Women's Hormonal Health Coach and Creator of Fix Your Period

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